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Whether you're tearing up the trails or racing down the roads, the weather can play havoc with your ride from the moment you set off. While you can’t do anything about the weather, you can take precautions to make sure that the wind and rain don't cause too much damage to your bike or clothing - and that you stay as warm, dry or cool as possible. Nikwax produce waterproof and cleaning products for cyclists that can be sprayed onto your clothing - including jackets, shoes, gloves and more - to help you fight back against the elements and thoroughly enjoy your ride. Nikwax spray can add an extra protective layer against the wind, rain and even UV light from the sun to help you stay at the optimum temperature and to protect your cycle clothing in the process. The one area that a lot of cyclists forget to protect is their feet, often believing that their cycling shoes are waterproof and that they'll keep them warm or dry. Unfortunately, many find out - to their peril - that they're not as waterproof as they thought. Rather than learning the hard way, get yourself some Nikwax waterproofing spray, and more products from the Nikwax range, and make sure that you're cool, dry or warm throughout your next ride.