Lezyne Lights & Cycle Accessories

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Started in 2007 by former Truvativ founder Micki Kozuschek, Lezyne’s goal is to engineer and produce quality cycle accessories that innovate and push the boundaries of performance and quality to match the standards set by other top-end bicycle components. Since the beginning Lezyne have gone from strength to strength and are now one of the world’s leading cycle accessory manufacturers producing a huge range of products from bike lights, GPS computers, pumps, tools and more. While there are simple ways of making cycle accessories, Lezyne prefer to go for state of the art methods, allowing them to incorporate as much technology and development into their products as possible, whether this be the use of clever materials or by using digital technology to make readings more accurate. This is epitomized by their digital pump range, which integrate an extremely low-profile digital display into slim and sleek designs to make the most technology advanced and accurate hand and track pumps available today. Basically, if you love cycling, tech and exquisite engineering, you’ll love Lezyne!