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Garmin have set the standard when it comes to GPS cycle computers for years, and they continue to push out new products each year to stay ahead of the chasing bunch. While it's not just cycling Garmin produce GPS' for, their cycling products are certainly some of their best known, with the legendary Edge series of computers gaining a cult following over the years thanks to incredible reliability, ease of use and comprehensive list of features that just grows and grows as each new iteration comes to market. Known for their innovative thinking, Garmin pack as much or as little tech into their products as they deem fit, with their top end computers packing all the latest gadgets and must-haves into sleek packages such as the Garmin speed sensors that can give you incredibly detailed mapping or second by second performance data, allowing you to keep in your sweet spot and maximise your own performance based on the data in front of your very eyes. This approach filters down to their entry level products which are built to the same high standards but are stripped back to the bare essentials, all while offering the kind of slick performance Garmin are renowned for.