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Fi’zi:k is a brand built on racing. It’s in their heritage and in their blood. With a soulful mix of Italian flair, passion & exquisite attention to detail, Fi’zi:k’s products are meticulously designed and tested to offer impeccable performance while oozing style and form. Their products aim to improve rider performance by creating the most comfortable cockpit setup possible. Fi’zi:k have 3 distinct fit ideologies that fall into their Spine Concept, split into Snake’s for flexible racers, Bull’s who want the maximum comfort and Chameleons which want the best of both worlds. Originating in their saddles, Fi’zi:k have now spread this ideology throughout their range and right down to their collection of cycling shoes, so you can be sure to get the perfect products for your bike and riding style. It is this blend of performance fit, racing heritage and silky Italian style that give Fi’zi:k their distinctive looks and function, so you know when you head out with Fi’zi:k, you are riding some the best performing and wearing the best looking kit on the market.