Continental Bike Tyres

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Known the world over for their incredibly high quality range of tyres, the Continental name is one of the biggest and best-selling on the market today. Not only do they produce some of the very best racing tyres, they also produce some of the very best cycling tyres, too, with an outstanding range of advanced mtb and road cycling tyres. Chosen by some of the best riders in the world and millions of amateur cyclists, too, Continental cycle tyres are chosen because of their extensive research, development and innovation. Packing years of knowledge and expertise into every single tyre that comes off the production line, each Continental tyre compound offers something different for different riders and riding styles. If you want something that gives you maximum grip on off-road terrain then there's a Continental tyre for you. If you want something that provides the perfect blend of wet-weather traction and dry-weather performance, there's a Continental cycle tyre for you, too.