Avid Brakes

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The strap line that accompanies the Avid name is "brakes that help you fly", which is the perfect summary for what Avid brakes are all about. With a truly incredible amount of research, design and development going into every single brake disc, brake pad and bleed kit; Avid help you to stop your bike and fly at the same time! An American brand with decades of experience, Avid brakes are tried and trusted the world over and compatible with a whole host of other brake parts to ensure that you get the very best riding experience whether you're speeding down a hill or soldiering on to the top of a mountain. Having made brake components for so many different mountain bike manufacturers - certainly too many to list - Avid could easily rest on their reputation but instead are continuing to evolve their popular collection of BB7 and BB5 disc brakes and disc brake pads because you can never stand still - even when manufacturing some of the best mtb brakes around.