Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

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The modern full suspension mountain bike is an incredibly capable machine. While designs can vary massively, the basic concept of all suspension bikes is the same. They are designed to allow you to ride faster, for longer.

Full suspension bikes come in a huge variety of styles to suit differing disciplines and styles of riding, with short travel (around 100mm) cross country bikes built for pure speed on the race track right through to downhill bikes with masses of sophisticated suspension to help iron out the bumps and absorb the biggest hits. Most mountain bikes tend to fall between these extremes and depending on the amount of suspension travel and intended use, these are often called trail or enduro bikes.

With some of the most technologically advanced suspension ever seen, cutting-edge drivetrains and with more and more bikes now coming fitted with game-changing dropper seatposts, there has never been a better time to splash out on a new full suspension mountain bike. Our range of full suspension MTBs include bikes from some of the biggest and most sought-after brands around including Scott, Cube, Lapierre, Transition and GT so you can be sure all of our bikes are up to the task and are guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face.