Rear Bike Lights

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As a cyclist it's important to see and be seen, but many overlook the real importance of a rear bike light until it's too late. Sure, it's easy to switch on the front light to illuminate the road ahead and just assume that other road users will see you but, unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Cyclists are still frequently involved in accidents where other road users come up from behind and collide with the rear wheel because they didn't have a rear bike light or it wasn't switched on.

Don't take that risk. A rear bike light is a very inexpensive way of increasing your visibility and safety on the road and just because you can't see it, it doesn't mean that other road users can't see you! Here at Tweeks Cycles we stock a wide range of high quality rear cycle lights designed by the biggest names in cycling and cycle safety all helping to keep you safe whether it's a short ride to the shops in the winter or your commute to or from work in the pouring rain. Easy to fit and budget-friendly, our rear bike lights are a must-have for cyclists of all ages and abilities.