Bike Wheel Bags

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If you're taking the wheels off your bike to improve the amount of space you have in the boot of your car, or if you're putting your bike into storage for the winter, make sure that you protect your wheels and tyres with a wheel bag. Cyclists spend a lot of money on their bikes, especially their tyres, and the last thing you want to happen is for your wheels to buckle under the weight of the bike or equipment in the boot of your car, or for the rubber to be hampered by sitting still throughout the harsh winter months. Wheel bags are designed to hold one or two wheels at a time, keeping them safe and secure against potential damage and making it easy to carry them.

Great for storing spare tyres ready for use whenever they're called upon, our range of bike wheel bags are padded but slim, keeping the wheels safe from damage on the outside as well as against each other on the inside of the wheel bag. Available for wheels in various sizes, our wheel bags come with a handy shoulder strap to make carrying and transporting your wheels easy, and great for winter storage, too.