MTB Hubs

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When looking to save weight and improve performance, or when trying to free up a wheel that's starting to drag, a new wheel hub might be the answer you're looking for.

Designed to work at the very heart of your bike's wheels, the hub connects the rims to the axle and allows the wheel to spin freely. MTB hubs can be found at both the front and rear of the bike, with the hub in the rear wheel performing a more important role in some ways as it is also a key part of the bike's gearing with the cassette attached to the hub. At the front, the wheel hub is fairly straightforward in connecting the rims and axle.

Here you'll find a wide range of different MTB hubs from some of the industry's leading brands including Shimano, Hope Technology and Chris King; meaning you're sure to find a hub that gives you an upturn in performance, working for both you and your mountain bike.