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Making sure you have the right tyres for your mountain bike is vitally important, after all, they’re the only thing that’s actually in contact with the loose ground! With a huge variety of tread patterns, sizes and casings available it can be easy to get over whelmed but don’t worry, we have everything you need to get you the perfect MTB tyres for your bike!

For many the holy grail is a mountain bike tyre that combines fast rolling with excellent grip, so if this sounds like you look for a tyre that has an intermediate type tread as this roll well but still provide good grip. For muddier conditions a spiked mud tyre is the way to go, so look for tall tread blocks and open spacing between them, as this allows the tread to really dig in to the ground to find grip. Drier days call for faster rolling rubber, so tyres with low-profile tread are ideal in direr summer months. A favourite of Tweeks staffers is a grippy tyre up front for control and a faster rolling tyre at the back for faster rolling, so you get the best of both worlds!

Whatever you need though, we have all bases covered with our incredible range of MTB tyres from the experts at Continental, Schwalbe and Michelin.