Cyclocross & Gravel Bike Tyres

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Can't decide between a set of mountain bike tyres and a set of road bike tyres because you've got one bike and dabble in a bit of both disciplines? Trust us when we say you're not the only one! Cyclocross and gravel tyres are both designed by top manufacturers including Challenge, Maxxis and Hutchinson to be something of a hybrid of MTB and road bike tyres, bridging the gap between wide MTB tyres and narrow road tyres to give you excellent grip and exceptional rolling speed at the same time.

Relatively new as a style of bike tyre, cyclocross tyres are already proving to be a real hit with riders who like the best of both options - speed and grip (understandably so, too). Unless you're a dedicated MTB or road cyclist with a road bike and/or mountain bike in the garage the chances are you've got one bike and can't really settle on a style of riding. Cyclocross and gravel bike tyres mean that you no longer have to buy a different type of bike for different types of riding, you can have one bike and one set of tyres that perform perfectly well across rough and smooth terrains.