Handlebar Grips & Tape

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Making sure your hands are comfortable is extremely important in all forms of cycling and while padded gloves can help to an extent, getting the right grips or bar tape is essential to maintain that comfort, especially on longer rides or rides over rough terrain.

At Tweeks Cycles we offer a huge range of handlebar grips and bar tape to suit a wide range of preferences and riding styles, from chunky ergo-profiled lock on grips to thin bar tape designed for racing snakes.

It’s worth choosing a bike grip that suits your hand size, something that a lot of riders often overlook. A fairly straightforward method of choosing the right one for you is to remember chunky grips are great for bigger hands, but they might be too big for small hands. Likewise, thin grips or bar tape are not going to be comfortable for those with bigger hands.

Whatever you need, whatever your hand size and whatever your preference; we’ve got the grips and bar tape you’ll need to get comfortable on your bike.