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Getting the right footwear is a crucial part of cycling, as you’ll be wanting to pedal along in comfort no matter type of riding you do. While looking for comfort is a given, choosing the right shoe for your riding is important, so you if you spend a lot of time scrambling through mud and slippery rocks and roots a lightweight, flat soled carbon race shoe is going to be as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Likewise, if you’re halfway up an Alp in sweltering heat a chunky waterproof boot with massive tread lugs isn’t going to cut the mustard. Thankfully we have a huge range for every kind of riding, so you can start off you ride on the front foot!

If you’re a flat pedals win medals kind of rider we have a wide range of flat pedal specific shoes just for you or if you’re more of a racer boy who wants maximum efficiency and control we have a huge range of clipless compatible shoes for everything from Downhill to Cross country disco slippers.

Our range of road cycling shoes is equally expansive, with shoes to suit racers and touring riders alike. If you want to have the lightest, most efficient shoes available then you’ll be wanting something with a superlight & stiff carbon sole to match your carbon superbike, but if sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the ride is more your thing, a comfortable pair of touring shoes that’ll keep you comfortable for mile after mile is the definitely the way to go.