MTB Pants

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Providing more protection against the elements and trail features than a normal pair of denim, sports or board shorts; MTB Pants are perfect for winter and downhill use. Taking many of the features that make modern baggy MTB shorts great, mountain bike pants use the latest fabrics to provide rugged durability and often brilliant resistance to wet weather conditions. They also help stop your legs freezing in winter by keeping icy temperatures and puddle splashes at bay (which is an added bonus!)

MTB pants are a favourite of the downhill crowd and as such you'll find the latest designs to match the associated jersey for a full factory look. A lot of designs are also less baggy than they would have been in the past, providing a slimmer, more aerodynamic fit that is also less likely to snag on your saddle. Add in tough fabrics and durable construction methods and you’ve got a pair of shorts that will withstand years of abuse. Manufactured by some of the world's leading mountain bike clothing brands like Fox Clothing, you'll find a pair of MTB trousers or pants that tick all your boxes here.