Bike Frame Accessories & Protection

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As the biggest single component of your bike, the frame is one worth looking after! Keeping your frame in tip-top condition means it’ll look great for years to come rather than a scuffed, scratched rat bike. Parts of your frame sometimes need replacing as well, such as bearings on full suspension frames or derailleur hangers and dropout if you happen to have a mishap and break or bend one.

From protective frame patches and tape to neoprene and rubber chainstay protectors we have a massive range of frame accessories to help protect your frame and keep it looking like it just rolled out of the showroom. A clean and fresh-looking bike is a happy bike! Replaceable parts for your frame can also be found here, with everything from frame bearings, derailleur hangers and even spare batteries for your electric all part of our range.

All products in this range are there to keep your frame performing and looking as it should, so if you have a shiny new bike you want to protect before it leaves the house or need to treat your current frame to a spruce up, this is the place to look!