Hardtail Mountain Bikes

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Hardtails are mountain bikes in their most basic form, but while they might seem simple at first glance they can still pack some pretty serious tech to rival full suspension frames and have many benefits over more complex full suspension designs.

Hardtail mountain bikes are lighter, easier to maintain and can feel more involving and fun to ride as a result. Being simpler means they are also more cost-effective to build and buy, making them an excellent gateway into the world of mountain biking, with many high-quality hardtail mountain bikes available for less than £500.

Most hardtails will come with a suspension fork with around 100mm of suspension travel, disc brakes and fast rolling but grippy tyres to provide a light and exciting ride. Higher-end hardtails can also feature super lightweight carbon frames and if you want something with more comfort, steel frames can offer improved comfort over aluminium and carbon frames. If you want a fun, light and easy to maintain mountain bike, you won’t go wrong with a hardtail.