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The burgeoning electric bike market is going from strength to strength and it’s easy to see why. Electric bikes allow you to ride faster for longer, let you ride further for the same amount of energy given, providing a new lease of life for cyclists who might not be as fit or as able as they once were.

Electric bikes, or E Bikes as they are often referred to, enable more people to get out on their bikes and enjoy the outdoors - which can only be a good thing! Electric bikes are available in a huge range of styles from some of the leading brands in the market including Scott, Cube and Lapierre - with more sure to get involved in the coming years. Basically, any style of bike you can think of has an electric-assisted equivalent, so no matter what kind of bike you need, we have an electric bike for you at Tweeks Cycles!

Our range includes everything from electric road bikes to mountain bikes, and we even do electric folding bikes! Check them out and buy yours today.