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Cleaning and protecting your bike is of paramount importance not only if you want to keep it looking its best, but if you want it to perform to the highest standards, too. Bikes get covered in dust, dirt, grease and grime from various places - a lot of it you can't actually see until you start scrubbing away at the frame with your bike cleaners and degreasers.

Once you start to strip away the tough mud collected on your recent ride out in the woods and the dirt from your wet commute to work the other day, you instantly start to restore the strength of the frame which can be affected by materials from the road, mud and other fluids.

Specialist bike cleaners and lubricants are developed with bikes and cycling in mind. Designed to get seized parts moving, bike grease and chain lube can save you hundreds of pounds on new parts - even new bikes - and can keep you riding where you like, when you like. For a full range of bike cleaners, lubricants, grease and more; check out the full range at Tweeks Cycles today.