Road Bike Cassettes

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While road cassettes might not get the same coverage in the cycling press as their monstrous mountain bike brethren, they still form an important piece of a road bike's drivetrain. Offering plenty of range while also keeping the ratios tight to keep your cadence consistent means road bikes have their work cut out and that’s before you get to their light weight and the need to shift smoothly.

A clunky shifting bike cassette is going to be much more noticeable on a billiard smooth road than it is bouncing down a trail centre descent. From super-close ratio racing cassettes infused with the lightest and most exotic materials right through to the everyday, wider ratio workman cassettes of the world that are happy plodding along on a commute or multi-day bike packing adventure, you’ve found where the answer lies for all your road bike cassette needs with 7 to 12-speed cassettes available for all major makes and models.