Handlebar Stems

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While a stem’s purpose is simply to provide a connection between handlebar and steerer tube, bike stems can make a big difference in terms of overall performance.

A flexy stem can make a sharp-handling bike feel soft and unresponsive, while a stiffer stem can transform a bike into a razor-sharp machine just begging to be chucked into the next corner.

Stems also come in some pretty cool designs and colours, too, with CNC-machining, forging and bright anodised colours very popular. A new stem is a great way to improve the ride of your bike (and to make it look a whole lot cooler at the same time), and we stock a huge range of road and MTB stems to suit a wide range of bikes including quill stems, lightweight carbon stems and fully adjustable stems; so if you're looking for a new component to create the ideal riding setup, you’re in the right place!