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Being in complete control of your bike at all times while remaining comfortable is vitally important when you plan on spending any time out on the bike. Whether it's a quick blast on your road bike on a Sunday morning or an afternoon out on your mountain bike; making sure the grips or bar tape are comfortable, having the right length stem and ensuring your headset is properly adjusted are all essential to get right in order to be comfortable on a ride. At Tweeks Cycles we offer a huge range of products covering all of the contact points on the bike from TT aero bars to the latest super short MTB stems, so whatever you need, we've got all you need so you're pointing in the right direction!

Our huge range of handlebars and stems covers all riding disciplines, with mountain biking, road cycling and time trialling all catered for; and with options to suit all riding styles and budgets, too, we can help you to create the perfect setup for your bike.

Perhaps the most important contact point after a saddle, handlebar grips and the additional bar tape help to provide the comfort you need on any ride, offering vibration damping to help to keep you comfortable and in complete control. There is nothing worse than having arm pump on a long alpine descent because you grips are too thin and worn out due to the way you've been holding on for dear life, so do something about it and invest in new bars, grips, tape, saddles, headsets and stems from our contact point range.