Bike Brake Cables

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It goes without saying that tired, worn or damaged brake cables aren't a good sign - they're certainly not going to have the stopping power they once had, anyway! Your brakes are specialist parts designed to bring you safely to a stop, giving you the confidence to increase your speed and to have fun while riding, and frayed, wearing or - worse - snapped bike brake cables aren't going to give you that.

A new bike brake cable is a rare, inexpensive investment that can make a huge difference to you and your bike. Not only will you be able to stop as safely as possible come rain, snow, mud or shine; you'll also have the confidence to increase your speed that little bit more knowing you've got high quality bike brakes ready to help you stop when you squeeze the brake lever.

Whether it's an upgraded brake part or a replacement, a new brake cable is likely to stand up to any test for years to come; and with parts available from brands including Shimano, Clarks, SRAM, Fibrax and Campagnolo you're in the right place buying from Tweeks Cycles.