Body Armour Suit

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If you're keen on riding technical rough and rocky mountain bike trails littered with jumps, drops and other potentially risky features it pays to get yourself some protection. Body armour has come a long way since the early years of mountain biking. MX-inspired full body armour has been replaced with lightweight mountain bike body armour that is built specifically for the job.

Some cycle-specific body armour is among the most advanced available. Clever use of materials such as D3O, a material that is soft to the touch but becomes rock hard when it impacts something, means excellent protection and minimal bulk is now a reality. Our range of body armour suits has got you covered in the event of a crash, so you can blast down the trails in confidence knowing a light knock will not make your body armour flinch. From short sleeve designs to ones with built-in elbow guards, you can find what you need right here.