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Sometimes the weather is just too horrendous to even think about venturing outside, or maybe you’ve only got half an hour spare in your hectic lifestyle but still want to give the legs a quick spin. Turbo trainers and rollers are perfect for such occasions, allowing to get the miles in without having to brave the outdoors or spend time traveling by car to your nearest riding spot.

Our range of turbo trainers and rollers covers a wide range of styles and prices, from the very latest in direct drive turbo trainers with more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick to basic rollers that allow to just get on and ride.

Turbo trainers are a user-friendly way of getting on the bike indoors, with easy setup and with many offering Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, they can be used in conjunction with training apps such as Zwift or Trainer road, making them an ideal training tool for serious cyclists. Rollers are simple and effective, with the added of keeping you on your toes as they are effectively a rolling road, so you’ll need to keep your balance on a set of rollers unless of course you like embarrassing yourself! Simply put if you want to get in extra mileage in winter, you need a turbo trainer or a set of rollers!