Bike Trailers & Child Seats

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Our range of bike trailers and child bike seats are perfect for taking future cyclists out to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and safety. With a huge range of fitments and styles available, there are options to suit various bike frame designs and different age groups, so you can ride along safe in the knowledge that the kids are safe and sound while you enjoy the adventure together.

A great way of getting children into cycling from a very young age, we stock a variety of options in terms of both bike trailers and children's bike seats. Suitable for both babies and toddlers, our child bike seats are compatible with all major bike manufacturers and come with fittings and straps to keep them safe. Similarly, our range of bike trailers and carriages allow you to tow your child along in the comfort and safety of a bike carriage. Got more than one child? Not a problem, we also stock double bike trailers if your legs are up to the challenge!