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If you allow the dirt and grease off the roads or mountain trails to build up on your bike and it's components then it can have a long-term detrimental effect on its structure as well as its looks. You might not think your bike's that dirty, but actually the grease that builds up on your chain and other key components can affect their strength and the way they perform as you turn the pedals. Fortunately it's not that hard to clean your bike these days, as specialist bike cleaners have been developed to help strip away the tough dirt.

From mud off the mountains to grease, grime and other materials picked up on the roads; bike cleaner can remove it all leaving behind a clean and shiny surface. Cleaning your bike regularly can reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining it, especially with bike chain cleaner and full bike cleaning kits that help you get right into the chain, cranks and other components leaving behind a clean and fully-functioning bike where the only grease left behind is elbow grease!