Road Bike Forks

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Upgrading or replacing the forks on your road bike can make a vast improvement to the way the bike rides, how much it weighs and also how comfortable it is for you as a rider - both through the backside and the hands!

Attached to the front wheel and allowing you to steer the bike, a good set of road bike forks work to absorb the impact and vibrations caused by loose terrain, potholes, manholes and other debris on the road.

Over the years, like most suspension components, road bike forks have become lighter and stronger with many made from carbon. While more expensive than their aluminium or steel counterparts, carbon forks can help to save weight and give you greater comfort and control over the course of a long ride.

Here at Tweeks Cycles we've got a range of the very latest bike forks with offerings from major manufacturers like Kinesis and Enve for you to choose from. Whatever your preference, budget or riding style you'll find the perfect set of forks right here.