MTB Bash Guards

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Mountain bikes have got stronger and lighter over the years but the one thing that has remained consistent is the hammering they take over the rough or loose terrain. From hammering down short trails to the longer mountain bike routes that take up most of the day, mountain bikers love getting the wheels turning and the adrenaline pumping which can mean the bike takes a real battering over the course of the ride.

MTB bash guards are designed to look after some of the key components, namely the chainring and the chain itself, as without those you simply cannot ride! Large rocks that have rolled into the trail, exposed tree roots and other obstacles in the trail can cause serious damage to the chainring and the chain itself to come away if you don't have a chain guide, making a chain guard an important investment to prevent you coming off the bike and having a curtailed ride.

Here at Tweeks Cycles we stock a range of high quality MTB bash guards all designed to absorb the impact to keep you riding safely, with products from the likes of Shimano, Race Face and Hope Technology.