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Shimano BH59 Disc Brake Hose - Rear 1700mm
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Jagwire Pro Hydraulic Hose Kit
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2 Items

Disc brake hoses connect the brakes on your bike to the levers, acting as the delivery system for the instruction to apply the brakes when you squeeze the brake levers. Just like the linkages in a car between the brake pedal and the brake calipers bringing you to a stop, the disc brake hoses on your bike are tighten and released in accordance with you squeezing and releasing the brake lever on the bars.

Over a period of time, like most components on a bike, the brakes do start to show signs of wear and tear meaning their performance starts to deteriorate - and you don't want that when it comes to brakes! Fortunately there are all kinds of new disc brake hoses available in various sizes and colours, plus a whole host of fittings, to help you restore and even upgrade the performance of your bike brakes.

With a range of high performance bike brake parts from brands including Shimano and Fibrax, you'll find the ideal brake hoses for your bike and style of riding at Tweeks Cycles. With hydraulic brake hoses and extra-strong braided brake hoses available, you'll be able to ride with added confidence and increased stopping power with our range of high performance disc brake hoses attached to your bike.