MTB Shorts

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Baggy MTB shorts have been the go-to for many trail, enduro and downhill riders for years. While many Cross-Country riders still prefer the aero benefits of a full lycra jersey and short setup, for many a set of baggy shorts is a sign of a true mountain biker. As with all cycling apparel, designers have got their eye in with MTB shorts, with many - including Fox Clothing and Altura - using cutting-edge materials and construction techniques to offer a fit and level of performance that would have been impossible just a few years ago.

As such modern MTB shorts are now a genuine option for all-year-round riding. Some shorts are made from superlight and breathable materials that still have enough about them to make them durable and reliable. These are perfect for hot summer rides when the last thing you want is to be overheating. At the opposite end of the scale, are winter-orientated shorts which use the latest windproof and waterproof materials combined with fabric coatings to keep the elements and actually make riding through the muck in winter fun. Whatever you need from a pair of MTB Shorts whether it's comfort, style, performance or a combination of all three, you’re in the right place.