Bib Shorts

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If you plan on covering any sort of distance on your bike, a pair of cycling shorts is a must - but if you want the ultimate in comfort, support and performance then bib shorts are the way to go. While regular cycling shorts offer exceptional comfort, bib shorts provide extra support and stop the padded section of the short moving around on the saddle. While most prevalent in road cycling, bib shorts are great for use when mountain biking, too, as riders move around more on a mountain bike than a road bike, and you want that comfortable pad to stay in place (trust us!)

Many modern bib shorts also come with rear pockets, too, so you can store small items such as keys, energy gels or multi-tools meaning you can ditch your saddle bag or hydration pack for shorter rides where you only need the essentials. Our huge range features some of the biggest brands in cycling clothing, so if you need a pair of bib shorts, look no further!