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Fitting a quality set of wheels can transform any bike, but especially so when it comes to mountain bikes. Dropping weight or moving to a wider rim can massively boost acceleration, agility or improve tyre stability and thus create a confident feel when cornering and descending.

When you're looking for MTB wheels you should first decide what you want from them, whether they will suit your bike and what width of tyres you plan to use. There's no point fitting a heavy set of downhill wheels to your XC bike or a superlight XC wheelset on a downhill bike! Rim widths have increased over time and now mountain bike wheels are using wider rims than ever before and many tyres work best on certain width rims.

For XC style 2.0-2.2 tyres a rim with a 20-25mm ID (internal diameter) is best, for 2.3-2.5 tyres a 30mm ID rim will provide the best profile and bigger 2.6 and plus sized tyres will be suited to 35mm and wider rims. Our range of MTB wheels covers all bases, so while most riders will settle somewhere between extremes if you do need a crazy light XC race wheelset or a virtually indestructible set of DH wheels, then you’re in the right place!