Clipless Pedals

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While they still hold fear for some, there can be no doubt that if you want to be fast on the road, you need a set of clipless pedals. By being fixed to the pedal riders can transfer power from their legs into forward motion more efficiently helping to make the ride feel easier on the body and to reduce your time, too.

Sure, they take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it clipless pedals are very easy to release from, which is more than can be said of clips and toe straps!

Clipless pedals are designed to be lightweight and stiff, so that maximum power can be transferred with minimal loses; a flexi pedal will be no good at all in a sprint or over a long rider. We have a massive range of clipless pedals for ride bikes that suit all budgets and tastes, from entry level pedals with light action release mechanisms for extremely easy unclipping right through to Pro-Tour winning full-carbon pedals, stripped back to the bare minimum in pursuit of low-weight and maximum power transfer.

We also stock pedals that combine clipless and flat pedals into one, which are ideal for multi-use bikes or beginners who want to get used to the sensation of being clipped in while also having the safety net of being able to use the flat pedal side if they feel the need. Whatever type of road clipless pedal you need, you’ll find what you’re looking for here!