Bike Pedal Cleats

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It’s fair to say that clipless pedals have revolutionised cycling. Freestyle cycle sports and some flat pedal MTB hold outs aside, clipless pedals rule the roost when it comes to choosing what type of pedal to use. But the pedals are only half the story; the cleats are just as important.

Making sure you get the right cleats for your pedals is vital, otherwise they might not work at all. With many designs and brands, you need to ensure you get the right ones for your pedals. Once you’ve done that, you can revel in the improved power delivery and more efficient riding. Clipless pedals can also provide easier control of your bike when mountain biking, stopping your feet flying off the pedals in rough terrain. Cleats might be simple, but teamed with the right pedals, they make for a formidable combination.