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Being in complete control of the bike is vital whether you're having a family bike ride, hurtling down a mountain trail or competing in a professional endurance race. Being able to control the bike gives you the ability to make small adjustments that can make all the difference, like gearing, braking and turning with the forks playing a vital role.
Most commonly found on full suspension mountain bikes, but becoming increasingly common on hybrid bikes, too; forks are connected to the wheel axle and take the full impact of the bumps and unevenness encountered on the ride so that the rider can hold onto the bars in full control over the speed and position of the bike (rather than being shaken and bounced off!)
Here at Tweeks Cycles you'll find a vast selection of some of the latest suspension components including brand new MTB forks, rear shocks and accessories like seals and oils that allow them to fit seamlessly and work as they should. Whatever you're looking for in a suspension part, you'll find it here - and from some of the biggest names, too, like RockShox, Kinesis, Hope Technology, Enduro and Shimano.