Road Bike Handlebars

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Road bike handlebars come in a huge variety of widths, reaches and drops and making sure you get the right style for your bike and riding style.

Are you a racing snake looking for a maximum attack position on the bike? Then you should be looking at road bike bars with a long reach (around 80mm+) and long drop (130mm+) with bullhorn handlebars a popular choice in this respect. On the opposite end of the scale, riders who want a more relaxed position should check out handlebars with a shorter reach (75mm or less) and drop (125mm or less) as this will put them in a higher, more upright position in the saddle.

Flared handlebars are becoming popular with gravel grinders and adventure riders, so if this sounds like you a bar with flared drops are a good bet. Riders who want the most aerodynamic bike possible are also able to select a set of aero handlebars with wide, flat tops for maximum aero performance.