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Being the main control point of a bike and helping you keep your bike upright, handlebars are an important part of any bike and finding one that you find comfortable and suits the kind of riding you love is extremely important. Mountain bikes and road bikes have very different handlebars, and while they do the same thing, they are very different at the same time.

Mountain bike handlebars are available in a huge range of widths and rises, from flat bars for those who like their front end as low as possible right up to 40mm+ riser bars for riders who like their bar higher than usual. MTB handlebars are available in a variety of widths although they can be cut down do your preferred size.

Road handlebars come in a classic ‘race bike’ drop bar design which allows for different hand positions depending on the type of riding. The main thing to consider when choosing a road bar is width, reach and drop as these can vary depending on what style of riding you are doing.

Both road and MTB bars are available at all price points from entry level aluminium right the way up to lightweight carbon.

We stock a huge range of road & MTB handlebars to suit any riding style or budget.