Rim Brakes

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While disc brakes steal most of the limelight these days, rim brakes still have a valid place on modern and retro bikes with their lightweight construction, simplicity and cost the chief benefits.

Rim brakes are still commonplace on superlight, high-end road bikes, as well as some cheaper road and mountain bikes. Upgrading the brakes on these bikes can bring extra performance, improving both braking power and control; even something as simple as swapping your old rim brake pads for a new set can make a huge difference to performance.

Rim brakes are usually split into three different styles: caliper brakes, v-brakes and cantilever brakes. Caliper brakes are found on road bikes, v-brakes on mountain bikes and cantilever brakes are usually only found on cyclocross bikes. Whatever your discipline of cycling we stock a huge range of rim brakes to suit a wide range of bikes, with products from top brands like Shimano, SRAM, Cane Creek and Campagnolo that are designed to vastly improve your bikes braking performance.