Elbow & Arm Pads

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If you're unfortunate enough to come off your bike it's often your hands, arms and upper body that take the brunt of the impact. You put your hands out to break your fall and often roll onto your elbows and shoulders which, on rough terrain, can be particularly painful when you haven't got the right protective clothing or equipment. Included in our range of cycling protection and body armour is a collection of elbow and arm pads all designed to absorb as much impact as possible if you lose control and take an unscheduled dismount.
Designed to be worn as a protective sleeve, our MTB elbow pads and arm pads are comfortable enough to wear in any weather conditions so you won't get too hot; and fully equipped with the padding required to reduce the risk of injury. Covering the elbow joint completely, and then as much or as little of the arm as you wish, our elbow and arm pads can make the difference between a serious injury and a few scrapes that will have you back on the bike in a matter of minutes.