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When the temperature drops regular cycling shorts just don’t cut it. Cold knees and wind and water splashing your shins is just no fun at all. This is where specific cycling tights are worth their weight in gold. With many made from wind and water-resistant materials and just as many using thermal linings, these tights are designed to keep you warm, dry and comfortable in the very worst conditions.

Like regular cycle shorts, tights are available as standalone tights or as bib tights. Bib tights offer a more secure fit with no risk of them dropping and also provide a little additional protection due to the raised front and back, which can be a godsend on a cold day if your jersey starts to ride up. Some regular tights even come with no pad, so you can wear your favourite set of cycle shorts underneath, so you know you’ll be able to ride in comfort for hours to come. Whatever type of cycling tights you need, you can find a pair for you right here.