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Transition bikes are designed by riders for riders. For over 15 years Transition have championed this approach, sticking by their ethos of a true rider owned company that was up front, approachable and open to it’s customers, and producing a range of bikes that just feel right from the first pedal stroke. You won’t find overly long stems, narrow bars or steep head angles here! While other brands go down the route of complex linkages, fancy remote lock outs or geometry that only works for the worlds best riders, Transition design their bikes to be easy to live with, in terms of both riding and maintenance. You’ll find geometry that allows skilled riders to push their limits yet also instils massive confidence in novice riders. Transitions bikes are easy to tune, setup and maintain, no crazy pressfit bottom brackets or proprietary parts, just solid, reliable designs built to go the distance. Just get on the bike, ride, shred, repeat. Transition are not in the game to fool us all , they just us to love riding their mountain and enduro bikes as much as they do. If you want a no-nonsense bike that also offers class-leading and award winning performance, a bike that lasts a lifetime, check out Transition bikes.