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Since entering the world of cycling in the late 1980’s mountain biking has exploded and is now one of the most popular extreme sports in the world. Mountain biking, and mountain bikes generally, have come a long way since then and today’s mountain bikes are some of the most advanced models you can buy, with many featuring sophisticated suspension, powerful disc brakes and remote-controlled dropper seatposts.

Mountain bikes come in a variety of styles to suit different kinds of riding, with hardtail and full suspension frame designs ruling the roost. But there is more to bike design than just the frame type; suspension travel and geometry can make a huge difference and it is these variations that differentiate one bike from another. At one end you have superlight, short travel cross country bikes and at the other long travel downhill bikes. Most riders are best suited to somewhere in between these two extremes depending on where and how they ride.

We offer a huge range of full suspension and hardtail mountain bikes from some of the biggest brands in the world that cover all bases, so no matter where or what you ride, we’ll have a mountain bike for you.