Stages Cycling Power Meters & Computers

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When Stages Cycling put their first cycling power meter on sale in 2012 they changed the way in which cyclists were able to train. The Oregon-based company, with its research and development department based in Colorado, have gone on to develop a wealth of high performance training systems for cyclists giving them the ability to train anytime, anywhere and in any conditions. Rather than being prevented from getting outside because of the harsh winter conditions, riders can instead utilise Stages Cycling power meters and computers to get themselves into prime condition ready for their next event. Also offering an excellent way to build up your fitness, the a Stages dash or power meter is a great way of building up power in the legs ensuring that a rider is able to give it their all once they take to the bike. Many professional riders and indoor cyclists use Stages Cycling equipment as a form of power and cardiovascular training during the off-season, and also during peak season to keep their eye in, with the brand's own cycling heritage proving invaluable in the ongoing development of the product range.