Which bike for the Cycle to Work Scheme?

Got a Cycle to Work scheme voucher burning a hole in your pocket and don’t know what to spend it on? With the amount of choice available, it is all too easy to be paralysed by indecision!

Or maybe not… after some office discussion, we’ve come up with a theory backed by years of extensive research*

* and a lot of phrases like “I reckon” and “chances are”

If you want to buy a new bike on the Cycle to Work Scheme but don’t have a specific need or leaning towards what you get then… quite simply…  buy a hardtail mountain bike.

There. We said it, a straight to the point answer! And now, we’re going to dig into why we think they are THE best choice for splashing your voucher on.


Hardtails are versatile and a lot of this is to do with tyres. With a hardtail mountain bike, you can fit pretty much any kind of tyre you want. Knobbly treaded MTB tyres for mucking around in the woods? Go for it! Full slicks for whizzing along the road? You got it! In fact, take a look over most of our hardtails and you’ll find that as standard, they come fitted with an intermediate-tread MTB-style tyre that rolls well on hard surfaces and offers decent grip off-road too. And from here, you can decide for yourself whether what you use the bike for demands something faster or grippier. 

Whether you find yourself mostly riding on the road or thrashing around a trail centre at the weekend, a hardtail can accommodate both with a simple swap of tyres. 

Durability & load lugging ability

As they’re designed for being ridden hard off-road, hardtails are built to be tough. They’re stronger than their road and hybrid cousins and have huge clearances for the frame and tyres. This makes them the perfect bike for adding a child seat or trailer.  

With a hardtail, mounting either a child seat or trailer is a breeze, with most options on the market being compatible with little or no additional parts. That same toughness means hardtails are great for loading up with luggage. You can fit a pannier rack for your commute or for a grand day out with the family, meaning you can ditch the backpack and let the bike take the strain for you. 

They’re Fun!

There’s just something about mucking around on mountain bikes that’s enough to make anyone’s inner child come out! Even if it's just a quick blast down some gravel double track, getting away from the busy roads and being literally closer to nature on a mountain bike is really tough to beat. 

Not to mention the satisfaction that comes from riding a technical piece of singletrack or the adrenaline rush that will keep you going back out time and time again. 



You can pick up a great hardtail from just £400-£500 and that will be more than enough mountain bike to get you started. Spending less on the bike to begin with means you have more budget for helmets, shoes, gloves and accessories which really help make the most of your riding.

So, there you have it, if you’re in the market for a new bike using the Cycle to Work Scheme, you should strongly consider a hardtail mountain bike. They’re the kings of versatility, fun, and are cracking value when built into a package as well. They are the ultimate all-rounders that will give you years of faithful service and plenty of fond memories to look back on, and that’s before you’ve even been truly bitten by the MTB bug. 

Check out our full range of hardtail mountain bikes online and see for yourself! 

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