Rondo Bikes Brand Highlights

Gravel bikes and adventure riding are two of the hottest words in cycling right now, even more so since the start of the pandemic. A gravel bike opens up so much more of the world for you to explore, whether you come from a road or mountain bike background or a complete novice. You could best describe them as the best of both worlds. They give you the fast rolling nature of a road bike on tarmac combined with the ruggedness of a mountain bike to tackle trails off the beaten path. Ask any number of us here at Tweeks Towers what our N+1 or only bike would be, and we’ll likely answer with a gravel bike.

Rondo Bikes are based out in Poland and while a few of us here were familiar with their MTB sister brand NS Bikes, Rondo were a bit of an unknown to us. But the hype behind the brand was growing strong, so we decided to see what was what with Rondo. We liked what we found, so much so you’ll now find their range for sale on our website. We thought we’d introduce the highlights of the line and give you the lowdown on what makes these bikes so rad and ready for adventure!

Stuck in a Ruut

The core of Rondo’s awesome range is the Ruut. Awful puns aside, sometimes with a bike you can feel they are a little one dimensional and you need to change it up and get out of the rut as it were. The Ruut is about as versatile as a bike can get, allowing you to experience it in a number of ways. Built around a aluminium, steel or carbon frame, the Ruut range has something for everyone, from those looking for great value, right through to a superlight carbon gravel monster. But we’re skipping ahead, so lets comeback to what makes the Ruut so versatile, as that really is the key to the whole range.

Rondo designed the Ruut to be used with either your common 700c wheels and tyres or the new breed of 650b wheels and wider, more voluminous tyres. All Ruuts come with the former as standard, but with just a quick wheel change you can fit a set of 650b tyres up to 57mm wide and have yourself a real party off road. We love how this means you can almost have two bikes in one; stick with the stock wheels and tyres and have a fast bike on the road with some rugged capability, or swap it out and have what feels like a rigid mountain bike with drop bars.

The other thing that makes the Ruut so versatile is the Twin Tip Fork. This innovative fork features a swappable chip that allows you to alter the geometry of the bike. Riding mainly on the road? Leave the chip in the steeper setting and you’ll have a faster handling bike that feels fun and engaging. Or you can flip it and have a more stable bike for hammering off road with or with out bags. Ahhh yes bags! That brings us onto the great thing about the Ruut; its plethora of mounts for fitting bags, panniers, mudguards you name it.