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While we’re all cyclists at heart here at Tweeks Cycles, sometimes you need to change things up a little bit to keep yourself fit, entertained, motivated and ready to perform at your best. Whether that’s a run to help work on your cardio or a gym session to build your upper body and power - variety is the spice of life. Enter Athletic Vision.

In 2020 we expanded our range to include running footwear, clothing, tech and accessories and last year, our outdoor range launched to great success. For 2022 we’ve teamed up with Athletic Vision to bring a new range of gym and fitness equipment to the table that will take you to the next level!

Athletic Vision is all about quality, value, personal fitness and wellness. For over 35 years the brand has helped shape and improve the fitness market with its fantastic range of gym and fitness equipment. They’ve invested in high quality products that perform to the highest level yet also provide excellent value for money. This makes it the perfect brand to help the whole family improve their fitness, strength and wellbeing without breaking the bank.

The 2022 Athletic Vision Range 

Weights & Bars

The core of the Athletic Vision range is based around a weight training series, with dumbbells, kettlebells along with weight plates and bags. These are perfect for gym and home workouts and allow you to perform a variety of upper and lower body workouts to build strength and help condition your body. Perfect for people always on the go who want to fit their workouts around their busy lifestyles. 

The Dumbbells come in a range of sizes and styles, from 2.5kg all the way up to 30kg. This makes them great for beginners and fitness fanatics alike (the 30kg bells take some working up to!). With a choice of easy to grip vinyl coated dumbbells covering the lower weight range through to the heavier cast iron models, you’ll be sure to find a set of dumbbells that will suit your needs.

For those wanting to mix up weight training, kettlebells are a great alternative to dumbbells. 

These versatile weights can be used individually to aid the development of core strength, flexibility & co-ordination or can even be used as a pair for exercises such as lunges, squats & total body workouts. The Athletic Vision Kettlebell range is available in a wide range of weights (from 4kg - 24kg) so there are plenty of options that allow you to find the correct weight to suit your workout.

If peak power and strength is your goal, then the range of Athletic Vision Weight Plates and Bars are for you. Ideal for some serious weight sessions where compound lifts are the order of the day helping you target specific muscle groups, whether that’s squat, deadlift, bench press, barbell row or overhead press, there are plenty of weight options that will allow you to increase the weight at sensible increments. The plates vary in weight from 5kg - 25kg, and with bars up to 20kg on their own as well, these are the perfect tool for channeling your inner worlds strongest man and woman! You can also give yourself a full body workout with the Power Weight Bags, which are ideal for developing core strength, power and balance as well as being great for targeting the legs with squat & lunge exercises.

Functional Training

It’s not all about weights though, Athletic Vision have a variety of Functional Training equipment that should form a key part of your fitness arsenal. The Medicine and Slam balls are brilliant for developing core strength as well being used for challenging full body workouts. They also offer low bounce so are ideal for functional training such as throwing against walls and slamming into floors. They’re great all-round pieces of kit that should form part of any gym range. You’ll also find AB wheels and other great items to help give your body the full workout it needs!

Aerobic & Cardio

Not to be forgotten is aerobic and cardio workouts, for which the Athletic Vision Aerobic Step and Speed Skipping Rope are perfect for. Strength stands for nothing if you can’t sustain it and giving your body a proper cardio and aerobic workout is a must if you want to achieve a good level of all-round fitness, as it will help in all areas of your life, from day to day through to your running, hiking and cycling! 

We’re pumped to welcome Athletic Vision to our range, exclusively at Tweeks Cycles and we promise you they will help take your fitness regime to the next level or help you get started on the path to a fitter, healthier future!

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