Best Upgrades For Your Bike

Enhancing your bike with strategic upgrades not only improves your riding experience but also boosts the performance and longevity of your bike. Whether you're tackling rugged mountain trails or cruising city streets, the right upgrades can make a significant difference. This guide from Tweeks Cycles offers comprehensive insights into the best bike upgrades, explaining the advantages and featuring top product recommendations for each component category.




Why Upgrade Tyres?

Tyres are the first point of contact between your bike and the road or trail. Upgrading your tyres can drastically improve your bike's grip, reduce rolling resistance for better speed, enhance comfort through better shock absorption, and increase puncture resistance to keep you riding longer without interruptions.


Road Tyres

For improving speed and reducing fatigue on those long rides, we've got the line up for you:




MTB Tyres

Essential for tackling diverse terrains with confidence and stability:






Why Upgrade Your Brakes?

Brakes are crucial for safety and control. Upgrading your brake system can reduce stopping distances, provide more consistent performance in varied conditions, and enhance overall ride safety. High-quality brakes are especially important in wet and muddy conditions or on steep descents.


Brake Pads

Upgrading brake pads is an effective, low-cost upgrade that enhances stopping power and brake feel. We have a wide range of pads available whatever your needs such as:









Better rotors, or brake discs mean improved heat dissipation, which is critical for maintaining brake performance, especially during intense use!




Full Disc Brake Sets

A complete brake set revamp provides a comprehensive upgrade for maximum responsiveness and braking power.






Why Upgrade Wheels?

Lighter, stiffer wheels enhance responsiveness, acceleration, and climbing efficiency. They can also improve the handling of your bike by reducing rotational mass, making it easier to maneuver.


Road Wheels

Designed to optimise performance during long rides and races:




MTB Wheels

Strong and reliable wheels are essential for absorbing the shocks and stresses of off-road cycling:


    • Hope Pro 5 30W Wheels - Durable enough for aggressive trails and light enough for climbs, offering a perfect balance for mountain biking.





Why Upgrade Groupsets?

A modern groupset improves shifting efficiency, reduces weight, and enhances the overall aesthetic of your bike. It can transform your bike's performance with smoother gear changes and better chain management.


MTB Groupsets

Critical for achieving precise and reliable shifting performance in rugged conditions:




Grips & Bar Tapes


Why Upgrade Grips & Bar Tapes?

Upgrading grips and bar tapes can significantly increase control and comfort, reduce hand fatigue, and improve ride ergonomics, making long rides more enjoyable.




Need A Hand?

Even if you're an experienced rider, not everyone is mechanically minded, but not to worry! Here at Tweeks Cycles, we have Cyctech approved technicians at our HQ who are more than happy to carry out any upgrades, servicing or repairs you may need! Simply get in touch with us on 01978 660003 or email [email protected].


Selecting the right upgrades can profoundly impact your cycling performance and enjoyment. Whether it's improving efficiency, comfort, or safety, each upgrade brings its own set of benefits that can help you ride better and faster. Explore all our recommendations on our website or pop into our store in Wrexham to explore our full range of parts and accessories to really upgrade your ride and biking experience!