The Best Locks to Keep Your Bike Secure

How to stop your bike getting stolen

Keeping your bike safe and secure from would be thieves
isn’t something any of us like to think about, but the fact of the matter is
many unscrupulous individuals see a bike as an easy target that they can
quickly move on. As such, they’ll go to great lengths to try and prize your
bike from your possession when you’re not looking.

To combat this it’s important to make their life as
difficult as possible whether your bike is stored at home or out on the street
and it’s a task worth doing to keep your pride and joy in your own hands. By
investing in the right cycle security measures for you, and thinking long and
hard about where you choose to store and secure your bike, you can deter these
would-be criminals from pinching it.

Before you rush out and buy the biggest bike lock you’ve ever seen it pays to be smart with your choice. After all, you can carry a heavy-duty lock around town with you, but if you neglect to think about your quick release wheels you can kiss them goodbye before you can blink an eye. Likewise, a lightweight bike lock designed to secure your helmet to your bike at a Café stop is not going to cut the mustard when it comes to protecting your expensive carbon fibre road bike at home.

to secure your bike out and about

Hiplok V1.5 Wearable Chain Lock

Carrying a lock around town on your commute can be a pain.
Lugging one around in a backpack or pannier bag is one solution, or you can use
a lock with a frame mount. Hiplok’s innovative Wearable Chain Lock cuts out the
middle man, allowing to ride along in comfort with your lock right at your
disposal when you need it. You’ll hardly know it’s there. With a Sold Secure
Silver rating, it’ll take some getting through as well!

Oxford Nemesis Ultra Strong Chainset

Kryptonite Security Wheelboltz QR Set

Your bike frame might be fully locked up and protected, but
how about those quick release wheels have? Or should that be had? By making
life more convenient for you if you need to fix a puncture or chuck your bike
in your car, they also make it super easy for someone to steal them.
Kyrptonite’s Security Wheelboltz QR Set is a bolted system that is much more
secure and will keep your wheels attached to your bike, safe and sound.

Kryptonite Kryptoflex R2 Retractor Pocket Combo Cable Lock

We may be stating the obvious, but this is not a suitable lock for your bike! Instead, the R2 Retractor is perfect for those Café stops and locking your helmet to your bike or providing an extra deterrent for quick release wheels. Light and small enough to keep in a saddle bag or jersey pocket, this little lock should be part of every weekend warrior’s security arsenal.

How to secure your bike at home

Oxford Nemesis Ultra Strong Chain & Padlock

If you abide by the cyclist’s rule of N+1 as strictly as we
do, chances are you’ll have a selection of fancy bikes to choose from. Keeping
them all secure is no easy task, but Oxford’s Nemesis Ultra Strong Chain &
Padlock is ready for anything a would-be bike thief can throw at it. Available
in lengths up to 2 meters, this behemoth of a lock will keep several bikes
secure and is resistant to saws, drills, sledge hammers & bolt croppers!

Hiplok Airlok Wall Mounted Lock / Hanger

Who doesn’t want to display their bike in all it’s glory?
What if you could do just that and keep it safely secured? Well, thanks to
Hiplok’s Airlok, now you can display your bike securely at home, in a garage or
even at work! With a Sold Secure Gold rating and rubberized loading mouth, this
innovative locking system looks after your bike’s beautiful paint finish and
keeps it safe and sound away from the prying hands of criminals.

Kryptonite Strong Hold Above Ground

Sometimes you won’t have an immovable object in your shed or
garage to lock your bike too and this is where ground anchors come in. Kryptonite’s
Strong Hold Above Ground Anchor bolts to the floor and provides a convenient
and consistent location for you to lock your pride and joy too. It can even be
used outside; thanks to its domed shape it be can driven and walked over
without damaging it. This thing is tough!

As we mentioned at the start of this guide, it might not
be the most enjoyable thing to think about, but it’s a sad fact that in this
day and age it is a necessity to make sure your bike is locked up tight, no
matter where it is located.

It’s also worth keeping in mind the value of your bike
when considering how much you spend on bike security. A £150 chain lock and
ground anchor is probably overkill on a bike worth a similar amount and a £10
cable lock is not going to cut the mustard when it comes to protecting your
£5,000 carbon super-bike. As a general guide, we recommend spending 10-15% of
your bikes value on security. You can check out our entire range of locks on our website.

Or, if you need some first-hand experience, give us a
call on 01978 660003 and our technical sales advisors are always happy to help!