<strong>2023 Rockshox Forks - What’s New?</strong>

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As one of the biggest names in bicycle suspension, Rockshox product launches are always highly anticipated. The release of the electronic & wireless Flight Attendant system last year was incredible, but what about traditional forks? For 2023 the Pike, Lyrik and Zeb all take a step forward to bring you improved performance out on the trail. Let’s dive in and find out what makes these new forks even smoother operators than ever before!

Fork Chassis Changes

Starting from the outside, the Pike and Lyrik get a completely new chassis for 2023, while the Zeb sees some small updates to the lower legs. The Pike and Lyrik are now lighter but still maintain the same levels of strength and stiffness. “Ultimate” level forks now also have Pressure Relief Valves on the backside of the lower legs to help bleed out unwanted air pressure from build up in the lower legs that can be affected by temperature and altitude changes. With a press of a button, the Pressure Relief Valves restore the lower leg balance so the forks can perform at their best for incredible sensitivity. The lower legs of the Pike, Lyrik and Zeb also now feature “hub end cap adapters” making it easier to fit your front wheel if you don’t use Torque Caps.

ButterCup Technology

The real magic of the 2023 range is hidden away inside… Rockshox wanted to make the forks feel smoother and more supple than ever and the answer was ButterCups! Essentially, two rubber pucks mounted in a gold housing fitted to both the damper and air spring. These are the ButterCups and they help the fork feel… buttery and reduce the vibrations you feel through the fork and handlebar - leaving you with less hand and arm fatigue so you can attack the trail harder for longer. That’s a win in our books!

Charger 3 Damper

Speaking of the damper and air spring, the Ultimate series Pike, Lyrik and Zeb feature the all-new Charger 3 damper and DebonAir+ spring. The Charger 3 damper uses an all-new Internal Floating Piston (IFP) design that offers a more consistent feel through the stroke and still offers all the adjustments that the Charger series is known for with completely independent high & low-speed compression adjustment as well as a revamped low-speed rebound system. Charger 3 gives you a silent, controlled ride that you can tune to perfection for every trail.

DebonAir+ spring

The DebonAir+ spring builds on the tremendous success of previous DebonAir springs to truly give you everything you want from a high-performance air spring; a smooth small bump feel, excellent support throughout the travel and a higher ride height for more confidence when the trails go from steep to steeper! 

Suspension Lube and Bushings

The 2023 range undoubtedly provides new levels of comfort and control out on the trail.  To ensure these new forks stay feeling buttery smooth Rockshox also have a newly formulated Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube and new Ultimate Bushing Package.

Put all that together and the result is a range of more tuneable, buttery-feeling and more controlled series of forks that really move the game on from their predecessors. The 2023 Rockshox forks range is available from our website, so check them out now to see for yourself!

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